All of the malts we use are from a traditional floor maltster, because this gives a much better flavour when compared to more scientific methods of malting. That's where the traditional ends. Through our year of trial and error, we developed our own method of hop addition methodology. We add just 0.5kg of hops per 2000lt as bittering hops. This is because we use such a huge amount of aroma hops, that they actually contribute to the bitterness. The aroma hops are added just before the brew copper is empty, limiting their exposure time in order to preserve their delicious tropical flavours. Finally, we add an oceanload of dry hops when the beer has finished fermenting for a final floral hit. We rouse these hops in tank with CO2 for 4 days to ensure all of the hop oils are fully diluted into the beer before it is sent off for packaging, either kegged or bottled.

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